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Monthly Archives: March 2014

Raising the Bar

Earlier this week we picked up a load of reclaimed lumber from the Edison Neighborhood Association Go Green Deconstruction Project Warehouse in Kalamazoo.


We got some 2 x 12 floor joists with nice patina to make the bar top and other features for the tavern. The pieces were a bit long for my dad’s little pickup, but we made it back to Battle Creek safe and sound. We made the bar top from two of the pieces and we’re really pleased with how it turned out.


While I love the lumber, it also feels good to help the Edison Neighborhood Association deconstruct abandoned, condemned or other-wise blighted properties. It saved us a lot of money on lumber too. Gotta keep pinchin’ pennies.

For information on the Edison Neighborhood Association and the Go Green Deconstruction Project Warehouse, go check out their website.

New Doors to Open


This may not look that exciting to you, but to me it’s beautiful. We just got a new door installed earlier today. Actually it was already a door, but now it’s much wider. What makes this so exciting? Well, we had to do this because some big shiny stainless steel tanks will be arriving soon and we needed a bigger opening to get them into the building. There is still a long, LONG way to go but it’s nice to pause for a moment and recognize physical evidence of progress.

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